References and Acknowledgements

Film resources

Watchers Of The Sky, 2014, Edet Balzberg (Director, Producer), distributed by Music Box Films.

Featuring the story of Rafael Lemkin, an east European Jewish lawyer who brought the concept and the term genocide to the world; Benjamin Ferencz, a Jewish American lawyer who represented the US at the Nuremberg trials; and Samantha Powers, author, professor, and US Ambassador to the UN.

Samuel Bak: Painter of Questions, 2003, Christa Singer (Director), distributed by the National Center for Jewish Film.

Providing lessons of Holocaust survivor artist Samuel Bak for future generations. Articulate in his painting and words, Bak focuses on the world before the Holocaust and what happened to it, from his personal perspective. He conveys the strong message of not putting the past behind you, but continuing to look at the wound and the loss, while moving ahead.


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The process of assembling the concepts and resources for this website was aided by the assistance of individual Drexel University students, from 2008 to 2017, and four cohorts in the course, Reconstructing History After Genocide, between 2011 and 2018. The course was introduced by Rakhmiel Peltz as an offering of the Judaic Studies Program, and co-offered by History and Anthropology. Rakhmiel Peltz thanks the following Summer Humanities Fellows of the College of Arts and Sciences: Stephaine Nguyen, Rachel Cranzler, Zoha Ahmed, and Krystle Wilson. We especially thank Krystle Wilson for putting together a power point presentation about the project. We are also grateful for the contributions of the independent study student Evonne Turner-Byfield, student volunteer Isabella Wilson, and workstudy student Hannah Gittler.

Sociologist Dr. Adina Cimet helped us develop the units that relate to the study of Jewish life in Lublin, Poland, and we appreciate all the time and energy she devoted to many aspects of this project, including the film project, Toby’s Sunshine. Dr. Julia Hall, of blessed memory, fellow faculty member at Drexel, pioneering criminologist and sociologist, inspired and guided Rakhmiel, as he developed a restorative justice model for this project on educational restitution.

Funding for the design and construction of this website, Alive! Educational Restitution After Genocide, was provided by the Yiddish Studies Fund of the Judaic Studies Program, awarded to Drexel from the Bond estate, a gift enabled by the generous work of founding Judaic Studies Advisory Board member, Larry Newman, Birch Professor Emeritus of Wills and Estates, Columbia University Law School. Larry Newman has supported Rakhmiel’s projects since Rakhmiel was a faculty member at Columbia. The Yiddish Studies Fund also provided most of the funds for our film, Toby’s Sunshine.

 Rakhmiel Peltz, author and project director

Kathleen Carll, project co-ordinator